Monday, May 31, 2010

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Turned My Back for Two Seconds....

This is alright, right?

Look at me mom!

Sodding the backyard!

Four pallets of sod

In the end of May, Russ and I were able to put down sod in our backyard! This is amazing due to the fact that we filled four dumpsters worth of crap from our backyard alone! My brother Justin came to help and we were able to lay it down in one day. I no longer feel like I will be swallowed whole in the jungle that was our backyard. We are so very blessed!

Our blank canvas

The perfectionist at work!


Lukas's Journey to Crawl

I am not crawling and you can't make me!

Hey! I'm on the floor and I am not screaming!

My amazing army crawl

But notice, I can get up anytime I want.

Aahh! Sweet Success!

Just taking a break from my awesome skills!